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Effective Internet Search: About the Book

Authors & Contributors


Edward N. Baylin, BA, MBA, has more than 33 years experience in the computer field; some 20 years teaching computers and systems theory at the college and university levels, and 12 as a systems analyst/designer and technical writer for business computer information systems. He is currently teaching in the Computer Sciences Department at John Abbott College.

Ed is the author of three books on systems theory, including Functional Modeling of Systems, published by Gordon and Breach Science Publishers in 1990. His knowledge of modeling has carried over into the fields of metadata and types of thesaurus relationships, which have influenced the evolution of this book. Further, his expertise in systems led to his interest in general schema theory, originating during the dissertation phase of a PhD in systems science.

Major contributor

Judith Gill, PhD, MBA, has been writing and editing for 31 years, with many successful books, magazine and newspaper articles, and syndicated columns to her credit, as well as a computer program. She also worked in radio for 15 years, and has been teaching for over 30. For the past few years, she has been specializing in creating and managing content for the Web. This is her fifth book.

For three years, Judy played a major role in writing and editing the original editions of the book, first published in fall 2004. Subsequent editions, beginning in 2005, do not contain her input. Therefore, at her strong insistence, to which we have reluctantly complied, she is no longer cited as one of its two peer co-authors. However, her contributions on the book website have been duly noted. Thanks to Judy for such extreme generosity, but, in reality, she is still the second author on this book.

Other contributors

Darlene Canning, BA, MLIS, Computer Services Librarian, Schulich Library of Science & Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, has generously permitted us to include her article Search Engine Evolution on our website (see "Discussion Topics"), and maintains copyright of this information. Her discussion provides a perspective on both the past and potential future directions of web searching. An expert in conducting online research in areas such as patents, Darlene has been a science librarian for 15 years. She has also taught both undergraduate and graduate university courses for more than ten.

Melvyn Baylin, my older brother, drew all the cartoons used in this book and on this website.

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