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Effective Internet Search: About the Book

Book excerpts

Post-processing Your Findings

Although we consider this an important step in your search strategy, interestingly few references include it. Perhaps this is because most mainstream search engines can't process your search results with any level of sophistication. More...

News Document Search Interfaces

To search engines, the second most important Internet application after the Web is news. All search engines featured in this book have a specialized news document search interface, except for Copernic and MSN Search. More...

Term Variation Filters

Filters can be very useful in refining your searches. In this excerpt from Chapter 6, the use of wildcards and stemming, different spellings and phonetic matching, formatting masks, and ignored words and characters, are explained. Practice exercises applying these concepts are also provided. More...

Page Organization

One aspect of the overall organization of findings is how the findings are organized into pages and within pages. Appendix 6.3 deals with parameters that are available to change the default ordering, other than parameters entered as preference settings. The discussion focuses on page organization parameters you can set dynamically, that is, apply to the single search you are conducting specifically to control the number of findings shown per page. More...

Copernic Sample Screenshots

Screenshots of the five search engines included in the book are featured prominently throughout. This enables you to view book examples exactly as they appear on the Internet. For your convenience, screenshots are often enlarged as seen here.

Research on Searching - in pdf

Four articles on searching; also available in HTML:

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