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Sales Affiliates

Our sales affiliate system is now available to you.

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Contact Us to receive a commission for sales of our book coming from links on your website or if you would like us as an affiliate for products related to search engines.

Options available with our affiliates system

We use the AffiliateNET software from vixne.com, a software compatible with PayPal's shopping cart features. You simply need to install a code snippet we will give to you on any page you want to use to place a link to our website (to any page on our site selected by you). For the next five days thereafter (number of days controllable by a parameter in our system), any products bought by someone who clicks the link on your site will result in a commission to you, provided the affiliate cookie is still on the customer's computer. The whole process is transparent, i.e., you can see any sales immediately, in real-time by accessing your affiliate account with us on the Web, or by checking your email for notifications of such sales.

Although AffiliateNET can handle percentage-based commissions, we offer you a flat rate commission of $6 for the printed book plus e-book option, and $3 for the e-book alone.

You can have up to five levels of affiliates, since the system is multi-tiered.

Another way for you to make use of the affiliates system is for you to bill your customer for the sale yourself. Then, with the money collected (or projected, if done on credit), you can enter an order for the same amount of money through our affiliates system on behalf of your customer, and earn an affiliate commission. In effect, you become a surrogate for your customer. In such an approach, it would probably make sense for us to ship directly to your customer, whose shipping and contact details you would provide in your order through PayPal. (Think of all the air miles you might earn for yourself with this approach if you are using one of those air mile credit cards!)

Note: The AffiliateNET software has a parameter that allows recording of a customer's IP address. With such a feature, sales to all customers behind an institutional firewall using the same external IP number would be credited to the affiliate. This applies no matter when the customer return sale occurs, and no matter which computer behind the firewall is used to make such a purchase. Although we do not intend to use this software feature at present, we are willing to discuss its use with certain potential affiliates.

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