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    Formats: Print plus e-book, or E-book alone
Page Size: 7.44 X 9.69" = 189 X 246 mm
          Prices: U.S. dollars (USD) in table below
Tax included.
Delivery charge extra, as seen below.

Printed book plus complimentary e-book: abridged edition - $22.97 USD

ISBN: 0-921354-06-1 (new, truncated book format, as of Aug. 23, 2005)

  • 252 pages, Perfect-bound book.

  • Same as full edition (see below), but without the Reference Manual sections and Features Control Center.

  • Note: This is a new, truncated edition, based on the new edition of the full book. See our Book Updates page for what has changed.

  • Idea for you to consider: Buy this shorter printed version along with the e-book version for reference to the remaining materials using hyperlinks rather than turning pages in the full printed edition.

Printed book plus complimentary e-book: full edition - $29.97 USD

ISBN: 0-921354-04-5 (new and improved replacement edition, as of Aug. 23, 2005)

  • 544 pages, Perfect-bound book.
    (To see full cover spread, click book front cover image, shown here in left margin.)

  • First 252 pages same as abridged edition.

  • Note: This is a new edition although the ISBN is the same as the March 2005 version. See our Book Updates page for what has changed since last edition.

e-Book - $4.97 USD

Free with orders of the printed formats (1 copy per printed book) via this site.

ISBN: 0-921354-03-7
(new and improved replacement edition, as of Aug. 23, 2005)

ISSN: 1708-6159, August 23,


  • 544 pages, size and content identical to that of full printed book. In addition, you can see all the colors, have Acrobat Reader play the book to you out loud on your headphones or speakers, use internal and external hyperlinks, and navigate with ease.
  • Easy to download with Acrobat 7. Click here to go to the download instructions page.

Some Restrictions:

  • Orders: Cannot be ordered anywhere except via this site.

  • Usage: Downloaded and tied to just one computer. Also, no print or cut/copy & paste privileges.


Delivery Delay

Printed books: mailed; expected receipt within two weeks.
E-books: e-mail instructions sent for a one-time download URL of PDF files; expected receipt within 24 hours.

Delivery Charges

Order Total

% Added

$0.01 - $19.99 14%
$20 - $199.99 10%
$200 - $399.99 6%
$400 - $799.99 4%
+$800 - 2%

Special orders: Bulk order pricing available for details, please contact us.


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