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Effective Internet Search: Search Solutions

Book Updates

For your convenience, we will summarize all the latest updates to our book in one central location. This section will keep you current, placing the latest search information at your fingertips as well as providing you with a handy reference.

Want to suggest a book update, for example, inclusion of a favorite search tool in our Search Tool Guide? Click Contact Us.

Upcoming updates

Likely incorporation of Yahoo search proper.

Previous updates

Since August, 2005

  • The printed editions (full and abridged) have been redesigned to have the look-and-feel of conventional printed books.
  • Updates to our Search Tool Guide continue almost daily. As of Nov. 20, 2005, Search Tool Guide > Locating People, Organizations, Places branch greatly enhanced.
  • Acrobat Reader version 7 for e-book makes download much easier.
  • New, lower prices are available.
  • The e-book edition has been adopted by certain social science and humanities college courses, where it has now become required reading.

August, 2005

Updates slated for July have now been completed, and the next editions of the book should be ready for printing and delivery by the end of August or early September. The next set of editions is structured as follows:

  • E-Book: Although it actually contains more materials, this full version of the book will be slightly shorter than previously. This is due to more intelligent use of space.
  • Printed book: The primary new printed edition to be sold in bookstores will be an abridged one. It will contain only the introductory materials and the chapters, without the Features Control Center and the Reference Manual parts. It is just 252 pages long. As before, it occupies about three-eighths of the full book. If you require the full book in print at this time, you will need to order it on this site, at least for the time being.

A few changes to the July changes:

  • Exalead search was not documented with respect to all its details, but only with respect to its unique features, including regular expressions, fuzzy search, and the excellent advanced search interface it offers compared to other search engines.
  • The latest screen interface and other changes for Copernic Agent Professional are also in the book. These have changed significantly as of late. In general, the explanations of Copernic are now considerably clearer than before.
  • There were plenty more errors in the Reference Manual section, and we hope all of them have been corrected. Some of these were "typos," while others were inaccurate descriptions of search engine features.

Overall: All these changes add up to a huge improvement in the book, in our opinion, both in design structure and in content.

July, 2005

  • Corrections and minor restructuring: of many small items in the chapters.

  • Stylistic changes: e.g., smaller font in tables, make page headers into footers, etc.

  • Rewrites (which we will be glad to send to people who bought the book through us, since the present versions are so poor):

    • Chapter 1: the section dealing with indexing and catalogs.

    • Chapter 4: the Copernic case example.

  • New materials:

    • Chapter 4: An "industrial strength" search case example.

    • New featured search engine: Exalead, which has regular expressions ("wildcards on steroids")

    • Chapter 6: materials dealing with regular expressions.

    • Chapter 1: materials in the indexing and cataloging section on the Zenome project (www.zenome.com), describing their method of refining and automatically building searchable subject directories.

  • Delayed: Adding Yahoo proper to the set of featured search engines.

  • Updates (to reflect changes in search engines):

    • Google: new functionality.

    • Other: minor changes here and there.

  • Under consideration, to reduce the size of the printed format of the book:

    • Offering the Reference Manual only as part of the electronic book, thereby reducing the size of the printed format to about 270 pages, to about three-eighths of its current size.

    • Moving certain tables and reference lists from the book to our website, where they will be referenced from the book.

March 20, 2005 Updates

  • New MSN Search information throughout the book.
  • Additional Google updates in the Reference Manual.
  • Larger page size - 7.44" X 9.69".
  • New book cover.
  • Printed book typeface changed to serif font.

December 15, 2004 Updates

  • New Google features added.
  • Changes to AltaVista and AlltheWeb.
  • More on specialized searches using MSN Search.
  • Updated health-related search case example.

Search Tool Guide Updates

New links added every week.

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